Sign up and save with Prospect Extra’s energy switch

Sign up and save with Prospect Extra’s energy switch

Prospect Extra’s collective energy switch is back and could save you £573* a year on your energy bills.

Electricity meter and coins

All you need to do is sign up at by 19 June.

Prospect Extra will contact energy providers on your behalf and present the exclusive energy tariff back to you from 20 June.

Those who sign up will be able to access the energy portal and see the negotiated deals or speak to a switching expert on a Freephone number after 20 June.

You are not obliged to switch after being notified of the deal that has been negotiated.

Switching is easy – the energy companies organise everything. All you need to do is provide a meter reading.

You then have until 18 July to decide whether to accept the deal and switch. You also have 14 days to opt out if you change your mind after switching.

Prospect Extra has run four collective energy switches. More than 1,300 members have switched energy providers and collectively saved more than £400,000.

The average energy saving for each household over the past 12 months was £283.

The next – and fifth ­– switch will run until 19 June.

* The amount saved by 10% of Prospect Extra energy switch members in previous collectives.