Conservative silence on nuclear energy is worrying

Conservative silence on nuclear energy is worrying

The Conservative party's failure to mention nuclear energy in its manifesto is worrying, says the largest union representing workers in the nuclear sector.

Electricity pylons

The Conservative manifesto was the only one of the three main party manifestos not to mention a positive role of nuclear energy or a solution to the UK leaving the Euratom Treaty as part of Brexit.

Prospect's general secretary Mike Clancy said: “The development of new nuclear capacity is absolutely central to the UK’s energy needs and the growth of a modern nuclear industry.

“Given the scale of the challenges facing the UK – Brexit, renewing our energy infrastructure and meeting our climate targets – it is a worrying sign that the Conservative manifesto is silent on the role of nuclear.

“The UK could be leading the world on fusion, small modular reactor technologies and decommissioning, but we need a long-term vision and leadership from government to make it happen,” Clancy concluded.

Read Mike’s blog for more detail on the current uncertainties facing the nuclear sector.