Fighting for BT members in challenging times

Prospect fighting for BT members in the challenging times ahead

Prospect will seek to ensure that compulsory redundancies are not necessary, following the company’s announcement today that 4,000 jobs will be lost worldwide over the next two years as part of a major restructuring.

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The news, announced as part of BT’s annual financial results, comes in the wake of an accounting scandal at a BT Italian subsidiary that has cost the company more than £500m.

Philippa Childs, Prospect national secretary, said: “We will be talking to the company about where the job losses are envisaged and how they are managed.”

Childs added that Prospect, the only union recognised to represent BT’s 23,000 managers and professionals, aimed to ensure that any losses would be achieved on a voluntary basis.

She continued: “Equally we will want to ensure that, where staff reductions take place, this will not result in those who remain working under even more pressure.”

In relation to other aspects of BT’s 2017 financial results, particularly on pensions and pay negotiations, Childs pledged that the union would continue fighting for members to ensure the best possible results in the challenging times ahead.