Update on 2017 Reward Framework Pay

Update on 2017 Reward Framework Pay

Following the consultative ballot of members in BT on the company's decision to freeze basic pay for managers and specialists on or linked to the Reward Framework. Prospects BT Committee have taken a number of steps to progress the campaign. Here is an update.


Prospect wrote to members on 6 July notifying them of the outcome of Prospect’s consultative ballot on the pay freeze for members who are on the Reward Framework (or linked to it). I explained that with such an overwhelming mandate we would be writing to the company to seek further talks with them.

Since that date Prospect has successfully lobbied the BT AGM handing out leaflets which clearly set out our position (copy attached) and I am pleased to report that several shareholders asked questions about the pay freeze on our behalf. The Chairman, Michael Rake and CEO Gavin Patterson responded by referring to the bonus, equal pay and starting pay on appointment payments that the company had paid during 2017 (although as we’ve pointed out these were payments that they were already committed to and not new proposals) however, in their response to these questions they did commit to continuing to talk with us.

Following the ballot, Prospect wrote to Alison Wilcox, HR Director about the outcome and the strength of feeling amongst the membership and arranged a meeting with her that took place last week. On behalf of the company she reiterated its position, that it had been a difficult year and they’d had to take some difficult decisions but they recognised the impact that had had on their managers and specialists. Prospect highlighted the strength of feeling amongst our membership and the impact this decision had on morale and engagement. We expressed a willingness to try and find a way through the impasse but also explained that should progress not be made within a reasonable timeframe then we would have to consult with members about next steps including escalation of the dispute.

The BT Committee will be meeting to review next steps and members will be updated on developments

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