Prospect union calls for more details on Euratom concessions

Prospect union calls for more details on Euratom concessions

The government have signalled that they will make concessions on Euratom in this evening's debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

chimney at Sellafield nuclear site

Government minister's have signalled they will make a statement on Euratom - including a proper timetable - as Prospect members have been calling for.

Members of Prospect – the largest union for nuclear engineers and specialists - have been exerting considerable pressure on politicians of all parties to avoid a hard nuclear Brexit.

Prospect will be keeping the pressure up on the government to see the full details of what they have promised.
Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect said:

“It is absolutely critical that a new deal is struck on Euratom if the government wants to avoid damaging jobs and investment in the UK nuclear sector.

“These latest concessions are a welcome first step, although we need to see much more detail from ministers.

“Rushing to leave Euratom is a risk too far. At the very least we need an adequate transition period to recruit, train and deploy a new workforce in this highly specialised area.

“The UK must maintain a close association with the European Union to ensure that the 80,000 jobs in the sector are protected and that the UK continues to maintain its world-class status in civil nuclear power.”