London Waste offer 2.5% pay increase for 2016

Prospect recommends acceptance of London Waste's pay offer 2016

Prospect has concluded negotiations with London Waste on the 2016 pay offer. The company offered a 2.3% increase to basic pay and bonus payments of up to £550, based on meeting key performance indicators (KPIs).


  • 16 May 2016
  • Pay

Prospect’s pay claim sought an increase of 2.5%. This was based on a February RPI figure of 1.3%, plus an adjustment to basic pay because previous increases were below inflation.

Prospect negotiator Julie Flanagan said: “Negotiations concluded with a final offer that was very close to our pay claim. Given that inflation was running at 1.6% during our negotiations and average earnings to March 2016 stood at 2.2%, we agreed that the offer was reasonable.”

Prospect is balloting London Waste members on the offer, with a recommendation to accept. The ballot runs until 20 May 2016.