Energy union welcomes Hinkley decision

Energy union welcomes Hinkley decision

Prospect has welcomed the Final Investment Decision that will pave the way for the construction of Hinkley Point C.


Declining energy margins and the pressing need to replace ageing generating capacity mean it is imperative that we invest in the skills needed to build and operate new generating capacity – not only at Hinkley, but at Moorside, Wylfa and elsewhere, said Prospect deputy general secretary, Garry Graham.

“Hinkley will be a key part of our energy mix and is crucial for meeting our climate change obligations and ensuring that consumers and businesses have access to the clean energy they need.

“The construction of Hinkley will provide 25,000 high-quality, skilled jobs. It will be a shot in the arm for the UK construction industry, nuclear supply chains and provide seven per cent of the UK’s energy needs with low carbon, base load generation for years to come.

“The UK is recognised as setting some of the most exacting regulatory and safety standards in the world.

“We have a real opportunity to provide clean, affordable, reliable, low carbon base load generation.

“If we invest in skills, we will also pass on thousands of good quality, highly-skilled jobs to future generations. This will help rebalance the economy and provide much needed investment to some of the poorest parts of the UK.

“This is good news for energy security, good news for our transition to low carbon generation and good news for consumers.

The challenge for the UK is to prove that it is a country that “not only has nuclear, but does nuclear” he concluded.