EU referendum website launched by Prospect

EU referendum website launched by Prospect

On the day a draft agreement is published aimed at keeping Britain in the EU, Prospect launches a new website – EU Matters –  to provide a platform for members to consider and discuss issues relating to the forthcoming EU referendum.

EU Matters aims to facilitate a vibrant and challenging conversation with and between members about what EU membership and withdrawal means for them in their working lives.

EU Matters includes:

  • Content from both sides of the debate, facts about the referendum process and what we know so far about the re-negotiation.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Information about Prospect activities during the referendum campaign.
  • Exchanges of views about what being in, or out, of the EU means for people at work. Prospect members work in a huge array of industries and sectors – from industry experts and ordinary members alike.

Marion Scovell, Prospect head of legal, starts the debate with a blog called: ‘What has Europe ever done for workers?’

You’ll also find an open letter exchange on the implications of Brexit for science between Dr Mike Galsworthy of Scientists for EU and Dr Chris Leigh of Scientists for Britain. This exchange is to be continued.

Prospect deputy general secretary Sue Ferns said: "EU Matters will be regularly updated as information comes to light. Members are encouraged to offer their opinions and to ask questions, which we will do our best to answer."