TUC launches petition to stop “TTIP’s dangerous cousin”

TUC launches petition to stop “TTIP’s dangerous cousin”

Members are being urged to sign a TUC petition calling on Members of the European Parliament to reject an EU-Canada trade deal which would allow foreign investors to sue governments in secret tribunals for policies that threaten their profits.

CETA, as the deal is known, was agreed a year ago and has been dubbed “TTIP’s dangerous cousin”, in reference to a similar agreement currently being negotiated by the EU and US.

Opponents of TTIP warn that CETA contains many of the same threats. However, CETA is much nearer to being passed into law and could subsequently help to ease the passage of TTIP.

The TUC says policies on minumum wage, environmental protection and renationalisations of public services could all be used as a basis for launching legal action against EU governments. It also points out that CETA contains no provisions for workers’ rights.

View the petition at https://campaign.goingtowork.org.uk/petitions/stop-ceta-ttip-s-dangerous-cousin