Babcock tutors and support staff to strike

Babcock tutors and support staff to take action over pay

Prospect members at Babcock’s corporate training academy in Gosport, near Portsmouth, will be taking strike action on Monday 14 December over a long-running pay dispute.

The staff, based at HMS Sultan and HMS Collingwood, run technical apprentice courses for clients including Network Rail and EDF. They have been seeking a reasonable settlement since June this year.

Prospect negotiator Bob King said: “The contracts are lucrative to Babcock and the tutors are highly-regarded, yet their 2% pay offer does not meet the average, let alone reflect the high level of service they provide.

“Not only do our members deliver an exceptionally high level of training, they also look after the welfare of the apprentices and ensure they have a safe and secure environment in which to learn their trade.

“We have been talking to the company for some time and have only recently received information as to the financial position. We do not submit unrealistic claims and our members are simply looking for something reasonable that also reflects their own high standards.

“Our members are professionals who do not take action lightly, but they also do not wish to be ignored or treated with less respect than they give to their students. They take their educational and pastoral responsibilities seriously and expect the same from their employer.

“Prospect remains open to discussions to find a sensible resolution. Our members do not wish to cause disruption, but they do want proper recognition for the work they do. We hope we can work with the company to resolve this problem as soon as possible.”

The initial action will take place from 08.15am on Monday 14 December.

For further information contact

  • Email: Bob King, mobile: 07713 511709 office: 01932 577059
  • Email: Marie McGrath, mobile: 07775 855829 office: 020 7902 6615