Recruitment: reps back call for ‘sales type’ training

Reps back call for ‘sales type’ recruitment training

A motion calling for Prospect to develop professional ‘sales type’ recruitment training for reps provoked a lively debate.

Ben Pye (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) said lay reps’ ability to sell Prospect to non-members was at the heart of the motion.

First-time delegate Helen Roberts (Met Office) said although the idea was good, she had some reservations about the use of the words ‘sales type’ training and asked delegates to remit the motion.

Mike Cassidy (BT Newcastle and Middlesborough) disagreed. “We are sales people. Lots of reps are doing 99% of what it takes. They just lack technique for closing the deal and handling objections.”

Gordon Hutchinson, for the national executive, agreed with the sentiments of the motion but took issue with the instruction to do specific training. He propsed remission to give the NEC the option to look at appropriate training. Conference disagreed and endorsed the motion.