Act now to avert energy shortfall

Act now to avert power shortages says Prospect

Prospect has called for urgent action to encourage investment in new energy infrastructure or risk the shortfall in supply described by the energy regulator Ofgem.

Commenting on the warning that consumers are likely to face increasing energy costs, Garry Graham, Prospect Deputy General Secretary said:

"The warnings from Ofgem serve to underline the importance of the government delivering a long-term energy policy for the UK which ensures that supply meets demand. Ensuring capacity, security of supply and a long-term carbon reduction are the key principles that must underpin this policy.

"Prospect is committed to an appropriate energy mix for the UK, including gas and renewables, but it is undoubtedly the case that nuclear and nuclear new build will be pivotal in underpinning our energy needs for the future.

"Now is not the time for brinkmanship. The government needs to be bold in providing the assurances needed to enable a stable platform to encourage the long-term investment vital for nuclear new build and energy generation for the future."