Today is National Work From Home Day

Today is National Work From Home Day

At the culmination of Work Wise Week 2012 - the organisation's seventh successive such event - comes National Work From Home Day. Let us know if you are working from home - especially if you don't do so normally - and how you are getting on!

Work Wise is an organisation set up to promote smarter working methods which, it believes, are to the benefit of business, employees and the country as a whole. The organisation has a number of 'strategic partners', including the TUC.

If you are interested in working from home - or indeed if you already do so - you can find a number of practical tips and hints on the site to help you do so effectively. Material on the site in celebration of today's Day includes guest blogs from Nicola Smith, head of the TUC's Economic and Social Affairs Department, on the issue of the level of employee demand for smarter working practices, including some interesting figures on the age breakdown of those who are homeworkers; and from Judy Heminsley, working from home campaigner and author, on the importance to successful homeworking of engaging in a proper routine.

Ms Smith comments that working from home is often a win-win situation for everyone. That's absolutely true - but there are requirements for both employer and employee if it is to become a reality. Win-win situations tend not to emerge as if by magic.

Prospect has its own eNetwork for people who work from home. If you haven't yet checked out our pages, you can do so here. The pages include news items, tips and practices on homeworking and our regular newsletters for homeworkers,, as well as a discussion forum. Some of the content is member-specific, which means that you have to be a member of the homeworkers eNetwork to view it - so if you can't see material marked 'members pages', you're not on the network.

We'll be happy to add you in - just let us know directly by clicking on this link.