Prospect and Steria Pay Review 2012

Prospect and Steria Pay Review 2012

Prospect and Steria have been negotiating over pay for some time and we have reached a proposed agreement that will provide a pay budget of 2.0% for those MPG and PCG members within our bargaining unit.

This pay budget remains tight and reflects the very genuine trading difficulties in Steria's increasingly aggressive marketplace. They are being amplified by the tight controls in public expenditure at the same time as the private sector is continuing to review its spending plans. Considerable concerns about the consequences of destabilisation of the Euro have also been expressed.

Prospect and  other unions in Steria have had to work hard to convince Steria that it is critical to provide a pay budget this year especially after last year’s pay freeze. We have also had to work hard to ensure that all employees in our bargaining units receive a pay award in these circumstances whilst continuing to provide pay progression for those relatively low on pay ranges. The overall pay budget in the company’s final offer amounts to 2% of its pay bill.

The company has presented us with some market data to help develop a pay distribution but the different demographics of members within the MPG and PCG bargaining units requires a different distribution in each. As a result of a number of leavers from the PCG group and a welcome number of promotions from the MPG over the last few years, there is a greater proportion of PCGs paid below the market medium than there are in the MPG bargaining unit.

The proposed distribution is as follows:

For MPGs - Those over 110% of the market medium for their role will receive 1.5% those between 100% and 110% of the market medium will receive 1.8%, and those below 100% will receive 3.0%

For PCGs - Those over 110% of the market medium will receive 1.0%; those between 100 and 110% will receive 1.5% and those below 100% will receive 2.5%

In order to make sure all the budget is spent there will be some small rounding of figures.

Subject to agreement, the pay award will be backdated to April 1st this year.

Prospect is recommending all members to support our recommendation to accept Steria’s final pay offer. It has taken a long time and effort to get to this stage and we are confident that there is no more money available through negotiation.

The ballot will open today and will close at lunchtime on Tuesday 12th June to give everybody a chance to have their say over the holiday period.