Steria Pay Review 2012

Steria Pay Review 2012

Prospect has lodged its pay claim with Steria. The pay review date is April 1st 2012.

In the pay claim Prospect has sought sufficient budget to provide all members with a cost of living increase as well as adequate funds to deal with progression for those lower down the pay scale.

The union has highlighted the considerable disappointment and some anger amongst our members that there was no pay award last year, especially bearing in mind the increases awarded to Steria staff in France and Scandinavian countries.

We would advise members to make their concerns clear to their managers at 1:1s and team meetings so the company at all levels is aware that the concerns we have raised are representative of members views.

Steria Forum

An election is due for several places on Steria’s  Employee Forum. This is not a negotiating body, but it does meet regularly for discussions with management. It can be a useful source of information as well as another platform to put forward questions and points of view on behalf of the membership. Any members who are interested in standing as an employee representative should contact  for more information.

Your Prospect Representatives in Steria

Happy new year from your Prospect representatives in Steria.

Your representatives negotiate on your behalf on issues affecting you and are always interested to hear your thoughts. If you have any queries or issues that you feel Prospect should know about then please do not hesitate to contact them:

Marion Soave

Peter Campbell

You can also contact the Prospect helpdesk direct on 020 8971 6060 or