Prospect in BT - Group Negotiations round up

Prospect in BT - Group Negotiations round up

Prospect has discussions with BT on a wide range of issues affecting you at work. Here is a quick round up of key live issues affecting Reward Framework grades across BT:


Equal Pay

Over 4,000 people in the RF will be receiving a pay increase in January 2012. Increases will be paid to those who are low in range and have been validated as eligible for the increase. You can find out the eligibility criteria and amounts to be paid here.

 Pay 2012

We have just started negotiations on how the agreed pay pot of 3% will be distributed in June 2012. As part of those discussions we are reviewing the June 2011 pay round. Feedback from members has suggested that this was more positive than in recent years for many people – we will be seeking to build on that for 2012. As part of these talks we also want to see a clearer link between achievement against objectives and bonuses. We also want to ensure that people who have a period of sick leave are treated fairly within the bonus process.

 Review of pay ranges

As part of each pay round we review all of the Reward Framework pay ranges – this is quite a task as there are almost 300 of them across 21 job families. We are about to start those discussions. 2011 saw many ranges move for the first time in some years and we will be seeking to maintain that progress.

 Job sizing

We are working with BT to develop a robust, fair and consistent means of sizing jobs across the Reward Framework. A questionnaire has been developed which aims to capture the key elements of a role. This has been launched and will be used to capture key role sizing information for any role reviews. Alongside that we are working with BT to develop job sizing grids for each of the job families. Given the number and complexity of roles and families this will take quite some time. So far, only the HR family grid has been developed. Next in line are Sales, Finance and Client management. This work does not signal an intention to remap all the RF roles, rather we want to ensure a robust means of assessing jobs when the need arises.

 Service job family review

As part of the 2011 pay deal, BT agreed to a review of the Service job family. Our concern has been the relative lack of movement in key first line management ranges and actual salaries which has resulted in some managers in some roles earning less than those they manage. We have been working with BT to look at the extent of this issue and its implications within the service family. We are now seeking to restructure the job family which should also entail some new roles with new pay ranges. We will also need to agree arrangements for mapping across to any new structure. Our aim is to have any new family in place and individuals mapped well before the June 2012 pay review.

 Performance management

The move to six monthly levelling is further progress towards delivering a positive approach to performance management across BT. We are keen to hear feedback from members about the practice of PM in their area. We want to build on the progress to date and ensure the approach is grounded in development and delivers improved employee engagement.

 Work life balance

Feedback from members suggests that work pressures are increasing as resource cuts bite. Achieving a good work life balance is important for individuals, the business and the community. We have re-launched our Work time, yourtime campaign across Prospect. Check out our webpages where you can find lots of tips, campaign resources and practical tools such as a flexible work time account spreadsheet to help you keep track of your hours. There’s also ideas for things you can do locally too! If you or your team are facing particular challenges do contact the union - remember together we make a difference.

 Bookmark the BT page on the new Prospect website

The new Prospect website has now been launched. Make sure you bookmark the

BT home page – so you can get the latest prospect in BT news. Copies of all the key BT agreements and advice are also in this area.

 Recruit a friend

Every extra member strengthens our voice in representing your interests at work. So if you know someone who is not a member, encourage them to join – it’s in both your interests.