Operation StepChange: further details

Operation StepChange: further details

Prospect representatives from inside the Department for Transport comment that early evidence of the StepChange trial taking place within the Department this week (see separate news story) is that it has been working satisfactorily.

A quick poll of staff showed 20% to be working from home or another office (the programme seeks to re-route, re-time or re-mode journeys to work), 36% to have re-timed their journeys, 6% to have re-routed them and 13% to have walked to work, with the remaining 25% making no change (though some may be already doing some of the other things (StepChange is capturing behavioural changes taking place this week).

On Monday, remote access use of central servers was up by 78% on a normal Monday.

We will be watching for further evidence on the success of the programme in achieving its aims. In the meantime, the Anywhere Working blog has a guest post about the StepChange from Norman Baker, Minister for Transport, pointing out that the programme is about achieving long-term cultural change, and not just about testing readiness for the transport success of the Olmpic Games, while DfT itself has produced a video to highlight the aims of the week.

Posted: 10 February 2012