BT Equal Pay Review January 2011

BT Equal Pay Review January 2011

BT Equal Pay increases to be paid in January 2011.

We have been campaigning around the issue of equal pay for many years. As part of our discussions BT has agreed to allocate a specific amount for equal pay. This is the fifth year we have agreed such an exercise. Payments are being made in January 2011 to those people identified as low in salary range as this is the main cause of the equal pay gap between men and women.

The validation process advised to members in November has now been completed. Over 5,000 people have been confirmed by line managers as eligible to receive an increase in January 2011. All individuals who are eligible because of their position in the salary range salary must also be told why they have or haven't been included. Discussions should take place by 24th January 2011.

Who is eligible?

The full detail of the agreed validation process is available on the right hand side of this page together with a flowchart, worked examples and questions and answers. This information was previously sent to members in November 2010.

What should I do if I have not been included?

If you believe you should be included, and haven't been, then contact your line manager in the first instance. The agreed guidance makes clear that if you were potentially eligible then you should get an explanation of why you have or haven't been included. Please read the guidance and associated flow chart carefully. If you still believe you should have been included then contact your local Prospect representative for advice. Appeals on this issue can be made using the grievance process.

Who should I ask?

If it is not immediately obvious who you should ask about whether you have or haven't been included then you should contact your local pay lead. Their contact details are given at the back of the Equal Pay manager guidance.

How much will be paid out to those deemed as eligible?

The final confirmed increases that will be paid are as follows:

Increase subject to cap
Outstanding 6%
Very Good 4%
Good 2.5%
GS 2%

09/10 DPR ratings will be used to determine payments. Where people are new to the role ie appointed after 1 June 2010 the Q2 2010/11 rating will be used to determine the increase paid. In these circumstances the increases will be as follows:

Increase subject to cap
Excellent 6%
Very Good 4%
Achieves standards 2.5%
Development Needed 2%

Any award that is payable will be capped at the relevant cut off point. A minimum increase of £100 will apply. This means that if someone is within £100 of the cut off point no increase will be paid.

Individuals with a current salary below the minimum of their range and confirmed as eligible will be moved to the minimum of their role or receive an increase in line with their 09/10 DPR whichever is the greater. By exception there may be cases which need to be reviewed separately.

Individuals who believe they may have an individual equal pay issue should contact the Helpdesk for advice. These payments are not the end of the story and we will continue to press this issue in our discussions with BT to ensure equal pay issues are addressed.