Eminent geneticists oppose FSS closure

Eminent geneticists oppose FSS closure

Three eminent scientists who head the editorial board of Investigative Genetics, the international online journal of molecular genetics, have condemned the government's decision to close the UK Forensic Science Service. In an editorial in the latest issue they highlight the international contribution FSS has made to the advancement of forensic science.

They say: "It is a tragic state of affairs indeed that the UK government is willing to dismiss its own forensic treasure with negative consequences well beyond the borders of the United Kingdom."

Attributing FSS’s current difficulties to the previous government's flawed attempt to invoke a business model for all UK forensic science, the authors warn a cost-benefit business model may hamper the government's ability to "protect and secure members of its society."

They point out that, if taken to extremes, in many cases the cost of investigation, arrest and conviction exceeds that of the original crime. Therefore, on purely cost-effective grounds alone, it would make more sense for the government to reimburse the victims than pursue the criminal.

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See the campaign area of CutStop for more Prospect's campaign against the closure of the FSS

Please sign the petition against closure if you have not already done so.

  • 04 Feb 2011