Prospect welcomes government move on safety day

Prospect welcomes government move on safety day

As the union representing the UK’s government health and safety inspectors, Prospect has welcomed news that the government is to consult on officially recognising Workers’ Memorial Day every year on 28 April.

Health and safety minister Lord McKenzie marked today’s Workers’ Memorial Day by attending a national conference of 100 health and safety reps organised by Prospect in London.

He told them that the consultation was not on whether to mark the day, but how. He added that it was essential to involve trade unions in that discussion.

Prospect health and safety officer Sarah Page said: “Every year more than 200 people are killed and nearly 300,000 people seriously injured or made ill through work. And that’s not counting more than 1,000 workers killed in road traffic accidents while going about their business. But evidence shows that union health and safety reps make a huge difference – reducing the incidence of accidents by as much as 50 per cent.

“Today commemorates those killed and harmed at work – people who deserve a lasting memorial. But it is also a day to fight for the living. Union health and safety reps do that every day by promoting safe, healthy and decent workplaces. An officially recognised day would help raise the profile of health and safety reps and highlight the importance of their work.”