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News across the union

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raised hands in front of blackboard
Prospect’s ECSG has submitted its response to the Department for Education’s consultation on changes to the school admissions code.

Education professionals' pay
The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is currently consulting on reforming local government exit pay.

The current situation in BT is one of grave concern to the members of both Prospect and the CWU.

Sue Ferns
Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general, gave the following remarks at TUC Congress 2020 on Tuesday, 15 September.

Project managers
Radioactive Waste Management has been tasked by the government to deliver a long-term solution for the UK’s growing pile of radioactive waste. A crucial part of this process is to find a permanent site for a Geological Disposal Facility. In this series, RWM staff, who are also Prospect members, talk about their careers, their roles at RWM and the unique challenges of working on what will be one of the most important national infrastructure projects ever undertaken.