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Document type: Submission

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ID Document type Title Publication date
2022/00123 Submission Submission to Work & Pensions select committee - Protecting pension savers call for evidence 02 February 2022
2021/01269 Submission Prospect submission to Cabinet Office consultation on statutory amendment covering McCloud remedy and member contributions 20 December 2021
2021/01197 Submission Making Flexible Working the Default 01 December 2021
2021/01085 Submission Prospect submission to DWP on permitted charges with DC schemes 09 November 2021
2021/00855 Submission Springfields Fuels ownership joint statement 21 September 2021
2021/00758 Submission Prospect submission to HMT review on the methodology of the discount rate for public service pensions 16 August 2021
2021/00736 Submission Prospect submission to HMT consultation on reform to the cost control mechanism 10 August 2021
2021/00370 Submission Submission by Prospect to the Public Accounts Committee call for evidence on the affordability of public sector pensions 14 April 2021
2021/00227 Submission Prospect's response to the BEIS consultation on exclusivity clauses 26 February 2021
2021/00001 Submission HM Treasury consultation on GMP indexation for public sector pensions 04 January 2021
2020/01184 Submission Reforming local government exit pay: A consultation on the reform of exit payments in local government 10 November 2020
2020/01126 Submission Prospect response to Islands Impact Assessment on HIAL remote access project 28 October 2020
2020/01125 Submission A report for Prospect on the procurement of a new Air Traffic Management System for Highlands and Islands Airports 28 October 2020
2020/01039 Submission Review into the UK’s defence and security industrial strategy - Prospect submission 12 October 2020
2020/00989 Submission Prospect submission to MHCLG consultation on the amendments to the LGPS underpin 25 September 2020
2020/00963 Submission Prospect HIAL remote towers independent report Sept 2020 17 September 2020
2020/00945 Submission Prospect submission to HMT consultation on the remedy for McCloud/Sargeant 14 September 2020
2020/00929 Submission Prospect submission to the Pensions Regulator consultation on the defined benefit funding code of practice 07 September 2020
2020/00875 Submission Prospect submission to Scottish parliament ECCLR committee inquiry on green recovery 10 August 2020
2020/00801 Submission Prospect's submission to the consultation on RPI reform 13 July 2020
2020/00694 Submission Resilience and Recovery through the Covid-19 crisis: state support to sustain the civil aviation sector 12 June 2020
2020/00689 Submission Prospect proposal for capacity retention scheme 10 June 2020
2020/00301 Submission Isle of Man TUC in respect of a consultation on a cost sharing mechanism 28 February 2020
2020/00230 Submission Submission to Cabinet Office on Member Pension Contributions 17 February 2020
2019/01914 Submission Consultation on simpler annual benefit statements for workplace pensions 20 December 2019
2019/01620 Submission NHS pension scheme flexibilities 01 November 2019
2019/01537 Submission Prospect submission to Ofgem consultation on RIIO-ED2 15 October 2019
2019/01529 Submission Discrimination legislation in Guernsey 14 October 2019
2019/01516 Submission Consultation on measures to address one-sided flexibility 11 October 2019
2019/01489 Submission Sexual harassment in the workplace 02 October 2019