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Document type: Information update (News)

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ID Document type Title Publication date
2020/00159 Information update (News) Prospect seeks Ofsted meeting on ‘stuck schools’ report 05 February 2020
2020/00158 Information update (News) Soulbury car user scheme warnings for local authorities 05 February 2020
2020/00157 Information update (News) Public sector pensions affected by landmark legal case 05 February 2020
2020/00150 Information update (News) Northern Lighthouse Board breaks pay barrier 04 February 2020
2020/00143 Information update (News) Financial Conduct Authority issues warning to advisers 03 February 2020
2020/00128 Information update (News) Unions blast Ministry of Defence for misleading staff over pay 28 January 2020
2020/00114 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes BT pensions court ruling on GMP 24 January 2020
2020/00113 Information update (News) Museum of London moves to end pay dispute 24 January 2020
2020/00105 Information update (News) Prospect to seek legal advice on pausing cost cap for civil service pensions 22 January 2020
2020/00037 Information update (News) Prospect Scotland's membership grows for seventh successive year 09 January 2020
2020/00008 Information update (News) Successful challenge to MOD discriminatory performance marks 06 January 2020
2019/01887 Information update (News) Highways England continues consultation on changes to working patterns 11 December 2019
2019/01884 Information update (News) BT locations secrecy untenable 11 December 2019
2019/01883 Information update (News) Steady hand in stormy times 11 December 2019
2019/01881 Information update (News) Ian Mearns, Education select committee veteran, addresses ECS seminar 11 December 2019
2019/01867 Information update (News) Why we are launching our Dignity At Work charter 10 December 2019
2019/01863 Information update (News) Roadmap and commitment target to get more women in nuclear 09 December 2019
2019/01852 Information update (News) Defence unions ask conciliation service to help break pay deadlock 09 December 2019
2019/01850 Information update (News) It’s time for people with visible differences to be seen and heard 09 December 2019
2019/01849 Information update (News) Why the Climate Crisis is a trade union Issue 09 December 2019
2019/01846 Information update (News) Prospect to submit joint pay claim for NDA and RWM 06 December 2019
2019/01845 Information update (News) Is your PPE fit for purpose? 06 December 2019
2019/01840 Information update (News) Accenture offers paybill increase of 1.75% 05 December 2019
2019/01838 Information update (News) Pension Increase Exchanges: jam today, butter tomorrow? 04 December 2019
2019/01836 Information update (News) Reps spark surge in NIE Networks membership 04 December 2019
2019/01835 Information update (News) Guernsey’s health and social care workers vote on revised pay offer 03 December 2019
2019/01834 Information update (News) Unions must engage with Just Transition 03 December 2019
2019/01832 Information update (News) Pensions tax survey for energy sector 03 December 2019
2019/01830 Information update (News) Nuclear industry's safety performance is sliding, says ONR 03 December 2019
2019/01825 Information update (News) Gibraltar’s air traffic controllers accept three-year pay deal 02 December 2019